A day at the Eden Project

biomes, the eden project, cornwall

We went to the Eden Project last week for a day out, we definitely chose a great day for it, the weather was lovely.

archway, biome, the eden project, cornwall
Some of the beautiful pathways and flowers surrounding the biomes

We walked around the larger Rainforest Biome first, which is full of exotic plants from the tropics. We spotted some of the smaller animals deliberately introduced to the biome, there’s apparently lizards in there too but I couldn’t spot any of those, unfortunately!

tropics, tropical, rainforest, biome, the eden project, cornwall
Amazing view over the top of the tropical biome
There was lots of Malaysian Crested Wood Partridges and their chicks running around!

There is plenty of interesting information about the importance of the rainforest and the resources that we use from it. There’s also a canopy walkway which is a new edition from my last visit. This walks out over the top of the biome, but was closed off when we went because of the heat – perhaps something a bit more comfortable to try out in the winter months!

hibiscus flower, the eden project, cornwall
Beautiful hibiscus flowers in bloom in the tropical biome

In the summer months, I would recommend not going into the biome right in the midday heat like I did, I was roasting! But layers and a bottle of water are a good idea, however, there is a cool room in the middle of the biomes, water fountains and a few ‘escape doors’ in case you get too hot!

mediterranean biome, the eden project, cornwall, geraniums
Mediterranean biome

The Mediterranean Biome is a bit more of a comfortable temperature with plenty of beautiful flowers and herbs. There’s a Med Terrace Kitchen restaurant in the Mediterranean biome which looked and smelled amazing! It serves things like pizzas, pastas, paella and puddings. Unfortunately, it was quite busy and I fancied eating outside after getting a little too hot and stuffy in the tropical biome!

pink flowers, mediterranean biome, the eden project, cornwall

mediterranean biome, the eden project, cornwall
There are some gorgeous flowers in bloom in the Mediterranean biome

The two biomes are linked with a large restaurant area where we got our food and ate in outside.

lunch, the eden project, cornwall

Outside of the biomes, there’s plenty of beautiful flowers and displays to enjoy. We wandered around various little areas tucked away from the main thoroughfare, such as the allotments, wildflowers and there was some Pukka herbal tea tasting as well as the Pukka Plant Trail. There was also a nice vibe with some of the bands getting ready for the Van Morrison Eden Session which was on there that evening.